According to North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple, the Souris River is flowing over most levees in Minot as it surges past a 130-year old record level.

Dalrymple spoke after a helicopter tour Friday, noting that water is several feet deep in parts of Minot. Take a look at the view from above:

About one-fourth of the population has been evacuated. It will be nip and tuck, Dalrymple said, whether a levee protecting a main north-south bridge will be high enough. The levee is higher than nearby rooftops.

City officials expect the Souris River to rise another six feet by this weekend, with thousands of homes and businesses lost to the waters. The water is rising so quickly, that it could be seen climbing up the sides of homes.

Airboats are on patrol, cruising around the town looking for anyone who did not evacuate. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service launched four boats on Friday to patrol flooded neighborhoods, ready to respond to 911 calls. City officials said no injuries or incidents had been reported overnight. The evacuation zone was empty except for emergency officials and the geese, who paddled in about 5 feet of water washing down the streets.

Here's a look at the latest photos out of Minot, ND: