Miranda Barbour claims to be one of the most prolific serial killers in American history, and her father says she should be put to death for her alleged crimes. In an interview with the Daily Item, her father, Sonny Dean, said he would watch as she was administered lethal injection.

If Barbour is convicted of the murder of Troy LaFerrara, Dean said he would hold the hand of the victim’s wife as his daughter was killed for her alleged crime. La Ferrara was strangled and stabbed. After Barbour was arrested, the Pennsylvania woman claimed to have killed 22 to 100 people during the past six years. She has been charged, with her newlywed husband, with the murder of a man she met through Craigslist.

Barbour's outrageous statements apparently don’t surprise her father. Dean said his daughter is a heroin addict and the most manipulative person he knows. But he does not believe his daughter is a mass murderer and he instead labeled her a liar.

“I don’t believe her,” said Dean, of Texas. “There is no way.”

As far as the claim that she killed for the first time in Alaska, Dean told the Daily Item in a phone interview that it’s a possibility.

“The incident with the gun she talked about is possible,” Dean said. “But I can promise you that she has only been to California once and Texas a few times and both times she wasn’t out of my sight.”

Barbour claims to have murdered people from Alaska to North Carolina. She told the Daily Item from behind bars that she killed for the first time when she was 13 after a leader of a satanic cult held her finger over the trigger. “The reason I think that the Alaska incident is a possibility is that Miranda ran away from home at least two times that I remember, both for over a 48-hour period,” her father said. “Once was around the age of 13 and once was sometime the following year, when she was 14. I don’t know what took place during either of those 48-hour periods.”

Authorities in Alaska have not found any evidence to support claims, and police from the state are coordinating with Pennsylvania officials about Barbour’s alleged murders.

“Miranda lives in a fantasy world made up in her own mind,” Dean said. “She craves attention, is selfish, dishonest and manipulative,” he said. “I will always love her. However, only God knows what she needs or how to reach through to her. To say the past few months have been challenging and stressful is a gross understatement.”

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