Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton
“She reasoned that [the pregnancy] happened during an increasingly rare night of makeup sex,” an insider said about Miranda Lambert. REUTERS/Harrison McClary

Amid divorce woes could be a new beginning. “Little Red Wagon” singer Miranda Lambert is pregnant with country star Blake Shelton’s baby, In Touch Weekly wrote in an exclusive report Wednesday, according to Hollywood Life. The couple announced their divorce Monday after four years of marriage, but now it seems they may be welcoming a child.

The former couple didn’t find out about the pregnancy until after the breakup, and anonymous insider said. “She reasoned that [the pregnancy] happened during an increasingly rare night of makeup sex.”

Having a baby wasn’t in their plans. The singers fought with each other about their habits, like Lambert’s nagging and Shelton’s partying. “Blake and Miranda were in the midst of one of their many screaming matches at their home in Nashville in early July,” the source said. “She’d just read him the riot act over his drinking and flirting, and he retaliated with claims that she’d taken all the fun out of his life and always seemed to resist talk of starting a family.”

Their bitter battle was followed with the unexpected pregnancy news. But Lambert didn’t want to procreate with her ex-husband “until he got his act together,” the insider added.

But there might be a hole in In Touch’s story. Gossip Cop, who notoriously debunks phony stories, claimed Lambert is not pregnant. “They are NOT expecting a baby. Period,” the publication wrote.

It’s not the first time rumors have circled that Lambert was pregnant. The king and queen of country music wanted to have a child to “save their marriage,” Life & Style magazine reported in November 2014.

“Blake knows he needs Miranda happy to save their marriage, and that means having a child. Miranda’s been ready for the past year,” an insider said. “Having a baby will make Blake and Miranda think about their lives together more and less about their careers," another source added. "This is the perfect time for them to start a family.”

Neither Lambert, 31, nor Shelton, 39, have spoken out about the supposed baby news. They both removed pictures of each other from their social media pages Wednesday. The last joint statement they released was about their divorce, which was not what they “envisioned” as a couple.

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