Police in Birmingham, Alabama, continued their search for missing 3-year-old Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney by conducting an extensive search of an apartment complex in the southwestern portion of the city. McKinney is believed to have been abducted at a birthday party last weekend.

It is unclear at this point what specifically led police to converge on this complex in their search. Police Sgt. Johnny Williams made reference to credible tips of a similar-looking girl spotted near the building.

CNN reports that nothing of note could be found after the extensive search.

“We believe the confusion came in when [a] crowd that had gathered... saw another little young lady that was approximately the same size, and they mistook her for her,” Williams said. “We're still searching. We're asking anyone with information, call us... We have not given up on her. We don't want the public to give up.”

McKinney was reported missing on Saturday after witnesses say she left a birthday party at the Tom Brown Village community with a woman in a dark SUV. Police issued an Amber Alert, believing her to have been taken by both a man and woman, and that she is in extreme danger. The complex searched Wednesday was roughly seven miles from McKinney’s last known location.

McKinney is described as black, 3-foot-tall, 60 pounds, with brown eyes and dark hair. She was last seen in a pink t-shirt with a Minnie Mouse leopard print.

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