Patrick Frazee, the man being charged with the death of missing Colorado mom, Kelsey Berreth, will be back in court twice this week. A custody hearing is being held for his and Berreth’s daughter on Thursday while a discussion of the use of evidence will be held on Friday.

The custody hearing involves both grandparents that are looking to care for the child, following the death of Berreth and Frazee’s arrest for first-degree murder, KOAA, an NBC affiliate in Pueblo, Colorado, reported.

In April an initial custody hearing was held, where a judge ruled that that child would remain in the custody of her maternal grandparents for the time being.

Friday’s evidence discussion will center around whether testing can be performed by prosecutors that could potentially destroy the entire sample. The evidence is thought to be a bodily fluid such as blood or saliva that is particularly small, and could be destroyed upon testing, preventing any further follow-up testing in the murder case, KOAA reported.

Frazee’s trial is slated to be held on Oct. 28 and is expected to last three weeks. Frazee is accused of murdering Berreth, who was last seen on Thanksgiving Day at a Safeway grocery store with her daughter. He is thought to be the last person that saw her alive.