Leila Cavett, a Georgia woman who went missing last month, may have been on the way to visit someone she met on a dating site when she went missing.

The 21-year-old woman was declared missing last month after her toddler son was found wandering around alone in a South Florida parking lot. The woman’s truck was found abandoned by the officials a few days later. But nothing is known about the whereabouts of the women.

Speaking to NBC Miami, Leila’s father, Cutis Cavett, said after searching his daughter’s social media account, he believes that she was attempting to meet a man she met on an online dating website before she disappeared.

"It’s on her Facebook. I have to meet with detectives tomorrow so we can see if we can go into her messages on her Facebook," he told the television station.

"I want to let her know, 'listen, I love you. I’m here on the ground, I and my team is here searching for you.' We're not gonna stop until we get some answers or justice. We want people to be vigilant of their surroundings," he added.

Her family also said they had no idea as to why Leila, who was living in Georgia, traveled to Florida and didn't even tell them about it.

"Every day that goes passes she could be in more and more danger and we just don’t even know it. We have no answers. We cannot get a hold of her in the slightest," Leila’s sister Tyuania Cavett told CBS Miami.

Leila’s grandmother, Carol Ferdinand, had previously told WFOR-TV that her granddaughter may have been the victim of foul play.

"I think she has been snatched up off the streets. She would have never left her baby, never," she told the channel.

The family is now in Florida to help in the search and seek custody of the missing woman’s son, who is currently in state foster care.

The FBI is now providing assistance to the Hollywood Police Department to investigate the woman’s disappearance.

Police tape
This is a representational image showing a police tape. Reuters/Sergio Flores