• Springfield police said Elijah McReynolds was last reportedly seen in July 2019 and has been listed as missing since
  • Three people of interest were reportedly identified for alleged roles in McReynolds' disappearance and suspected death
  • Two of them, identified as William Skaggs and Kaleigh Pickle, were arrested on suspicion of homicide by Springfield police

Missouri police said Thursday it had arrested two people for their alleged roles in the suspected death of a man who has been listed as missing for nearly nine months.

Springfield police said William Skaggs, 23, and Kaleigh Pickle, 24, were arrested Tuesday for their alleged roles in the disappearance of Elijah L. McReynolds. Skaggs and Pickle were booked into Greene County Jail on suspicion of murder, but were released Wednesday as no criminal charges were filed.

Springfield police said in a press release information was received in August 2019 about a possible homicide. The victim was identified as McReynolds, 34, who was last seen in July 2019 and has been listed as a missing person since.

However, police have been unable to locate McReynolds' remains because the body reportedly was hidden.

Police said it has been investigating McReynolds disappearance and evidence pointed to three people of interest in the case. Skaggs and Pickle were confirmed to be two, leading to their subsequent arrest in Strafford on Tuesday.

Springfield police said the third person of interest is considered the primary suspect in the case and is “in custody in a different location for unrelated charges.”

The investigation is considered ongoing and police are asking for anyone with information about McReynolds’ whereabouts to come forward.

Police Scene
Representational image of a crime scene. Suzanne Cordiero/AFP/Getty Images