The father of a 3-year-old girl who was reported missing on Friday was jailed after the body of the child was found. The 29-year-old Kansas man was taken into custody in connection with the death of his daughter. 

Authorities said that they received a tip that led police to locate the body of Olivia Jansen near a trail not far from Interstate 635 in Kansas City, according to FOX 4. Investigators from the FBI participated in the search for the child.

A mug shot of the father was released by authorities showing him with the name “Olivia” tattooed over his left eye. Authorities did not provide a suspected cause of death.

On Friday, an Amber Alert was issued to find the girl after she was reported missing. Her father, identified as Howard Jansen III, told police he awoke to her empty bed and the back door of the residence left open.

The father made the report to the police about three hours after the time he claimed he realized the child was missing. Police later heard “several stories throughout the day” from the father and “none of them made any sense,” police spokesman Tom Tomasic told the station.

Jansen was arrested on suspicion of child abuse and first-degree murder but had not yet been formally charged, FOX 4 reported.

Police spokesman Officer Dustin Dierenfeldt told the Kansas City Star that the child's mother was not at home because she is currently incarcerated on an unspecified charge. 

Other details about the case are yet to be revealed.