Three days after being reported missing, 19-year-old hiker Nicholas Cendoya was located by another hiker in Southern California's Cleveland National Park Wednesday night.

Cendoya’s hiking partner, 18-year-old Kyndall Jack, is still missing, the AP reported Wednesday.

The unidentified hiker spotted the teen in an area of thick brush around 8 p.m., south of where police were originally searching. Orange County sheriff’s Lt. Jason Park said Cendoya was transported to a nearby hospital due to severe dehydration and confusion.

“He was extremely confused and disoriented,” said Park.

Despite Cendoya’s rescue, Park said the search for Jack continues. One volunteer, Amber Byers-Servantes, said Jack was last seen wearing shorts and a purple shirt and neon yellow Nike sneakers.

Jack’s mother reportedly drew a message on the pair's parked car in the park writing, “Kyndall- we r looking won’t stop love you mom," but she isn’t the only one searching.

Los Angeles resident Kim Turow, who has no connection to either teen’s family, started a Facebook page aimed at recruiting volunteers to assist in the search and updated on Cendoya’s condition early Thursday morning.

“Nick is safely in hospital receiving care and posters are respecting his and his family’s privacy from here on out while he gets what he needs,” said Turrow.

“They're looking! And what we can learn from finding Nick, is that someone who's been out there EXACTLY the same amount of time and in the same conditions can be in pretty darn good shape. Keep your thoughts fixed on her,” she said.

The teens were reported missing Sunday night after hiking in Trabuco Canyon and were believed to have started at the Holy Jim Trailhead, where authorities located their vehicle.

Authorities were tracking their cell phone via a nearby tower after receiving a 911 call, according to Orange County Fire Authority Capt. John Muir, who said Jack’s probability of survival is “good.”