• The woman who said she will teach her grandkids to hate Black Lives Matter protesters has apologized
  • She said she was at the rally only as a spectator and was just handed the Confederate flag
  • She claims not to remember half the things she was caught saying in the video

A Missouri woman who was caught on video extolling her KKK belief at a Black Lives Matter rally apologized after she was fired from her job. According to her, she does not remember making those comments.

It was on Sunday when a woman, later identified as Kathy Jenkins, was caught on camera sitting at the back of a pick-up truck with a Confederate flag, yelling at Black Lives Matter protesters outside a Dixie Outfitters store.

"I will teach my grandkids to hate you all," she could be heard saying to someone off-camera, brandishing the Confederate flag she was holding. Later, Jenkins raised her fist and said "KKK belief."

Since the video surfaced earlier in the week, Jenkins has been fired from her job, locked out of Facebook and has been the target of threats.

On Tuesday, Jenkins called KOLR10 Ozarks First station to apologize for what she did. Jenkins did not mention where she was calling from, but explained she had left Branson after living there for six years.

According to Jenkins, the moment caught on video was something she described as a misunderstood portion of her day as she was only there as a spectator of the Black Lives Matter demonstration. Jenkins further claimed someone from the other side of the street had handed her a Confederate flag and that she did not know what it represented.

In an interview with reporter David Chasanov on Wednesday, she noted she was even chanting "Black Lives Matter." However, according to Jenkins, she lost her temper when people approached her.

"I hadn't said anything until they came into my face … it's like I blacked out. I don't even remember saying half the stuff that I said," Jenkins said, according to KOLR10. "I wasn't saying I'm KKK or for the KKK. I was mocking them because I don't like being called a racist."

In an apology written by Jenkins and obtained by the outlet, she stressed she was "deeply sorry" for what she said, noting that this was not who she was as a person.

"I want to make it clear. I am not teaching my children or grandchildren to hate anyone. No one. Ever," Jenkins wrote in the apology. "I've always taught them to respect and love anyone no matter the race."

However, an organizer of the Black Lives Matter protest in Branson on Sunday, Faith Pittser, told KOLR10 that Jenkins was, in fact, aware of what she was doing. Pittser mentioned Jenkins was shouting obscenities from the counter-protesters' side.

"I think her claims to not know what the confederate flag is and what it represents are absurd and lies. She proudly shouted "KKK belief " in front of all of us," Pittser said. "She never once shouted 'Black lives matter' along with us. This woman is lying and apologizing because she's sorry she got caught in her acts of racism."

Nurses and healthcare workers attend a 'Black Lives Matter' rally in front of Bellevue Hospital on June 4, 2020, in New York City
Nurses and healthcare workers attend a 'Black Lives Matter' rally in front of Bellevue Hospital on June 4, 2020, in New York City AFP / Johannes EISELE