Things aren’t looking so good for Joss (Jes Macallan). In episode 10 of “Mistresses,” titled “What Could Have Been,” the blond-haired party planner gets handcuffed, stripped searched and thrown in jail, where she’s locked up for first-degree premeditative murder, according to her easy-on-the-eyes attorney, David (Corey Sevier).

In addition to getting thrown in jail (without bail), the unlucky suspect was also denied any visitors -- unless they were immediate family. (And we all know Joss and Savi [Alyssa Milano] aren’t on the best of terms right now. So, Joss has no one.)

“Joss is strong, guys. She will get through this,” David tells April (Rochelle Aytes), Karen (Yunjin Kim) and Harry (Brett Tucker) who are sitting in the lawyer’s office with wide eyes and broken hearts.

And while Joss’ problems are pretty significant, she’s wasn’t the only mistress struggling during the Season 3 installment. After leaving David’s office, Karen pulls April aside to tell her the shocking news that she’s pregnant.

“All that back and forth I must have forgotten a pill,” she theorizes how she ended up with a bun in her oven. Karen then says that although she’s always wanted a child, she doesn’t think she’s at a very stable time in her life to raise one. But she might know someone – or rather a couple – who is: the Adams.

Following David’s meeting with Joss’ friends, he goes to meet his client, which is where he bares the bad news that Calista (Jennifer Esposito) fed the police “incriminating details” to make Joss look guilty in the gruesome murder of Luca (Noam Jenkins). But things only worsen for Joss when her ex-girlfriend inadvertently corroborated Calista’s twisted tale that suggested Joss was “fast, intense and impulsive.”

“This is insane. You realize this, right?” Joss cries to her lawyer. But David can do nothing but try to remain positive. “This is only just the beginning, OK? I’ll get you out of her,” he promises.

While David works on a plan to free Joss from prison, the new inmate begins to bond with her cell mate Roz (Katie Messina).

“How the hell did I get here?” Joss wonders, before spilling her guts to Roz about how running to Harry was a mistake -- not to mention the reason she’s in prison. (Hey, the girl believes in karma!)

David wasn’t the only one trying to get Joss out of jail. April also made a phone call to her former beau Daniel (Ricky Whittle), the FBI agent with a serious knack for painting, to lend a hand in Joss’ grim-looking case.

“I just didn’t know who else to call,” April says to the sexy detective before apologizing for never returning his calls. But being the gentleman Daniel is, he says he understands why she didn’t respond and proves he’s forgiven her by asking April out on a date. (Um, Blair [Brian White] who?)

Meanwhile, Karen walks over to Alec (Ed Quinn) and Vivian’s (Sonja Bennett) house, ready to break the news to her ex-lovers that she’s pregnant. But her revealing moment gets postponed when Viv tells Karen that she's just endured a fight with her husband – a marriage-ending kind of fight.

"Ever since you left, we just… I should be thankful and I am. But now that the illness isn’t the issue other things are,” Viv tries to explain, saying that without Karen in their relationship it feels like “a piece of the puzzle is missing.”

“I might leave him, Karen,” Vivian surprisingly states.

With an admission that bold, Karen decides to keep her pregnancy news on the back burner. After all, she doesn’t want this baby “to be a band-aid” for Viv and Alec’s marriage.

“Life’s complicated,” Karen sums up her day to April -- and, girl, isn’t that the truth.

Harry also finds himself in a conflicted mess when he’s forced to chose between his career and Joss. And considering he wasn’t allowed visitation rights to see Joss, Harry dives headfirst into his work.

The cook later learns why his manager was so persistent in having him partake in the last-minute event when Ari addresses the guests during the extravagant dinner, explaining that the night was in honor of her younger sister who died from cancer.

“You should have told me about your sister. I wouldn’t have been such an ass,” Harry sort-of apologizes to his manager for giving her a hard time. But Ari says she didn’t tell him because she doesn’t like to mix her personal and work life together – something she’s warned Harry not to do, either.

Harry then thanks Ari for involving him and his staff in such an important night, thus beginning a beautiful friendship.

Back at prison, Joss continues to divulge her feelings to Roz as she theorizes what life could have been if she chose to marry Scott (Justin Hartley) instead of leaving him at the altar for Harry. But ultimately Joss figures out that falling in love with the Aussie hunk was inevitable.

Speaking of love, Daniel reveals that the reason he decided to help April with Joss’ case wasn’t out of guilty like she thought.

“I’m here because you’re the love of my life,” he admits. Next thing viewers know, the two are locking lips and rolling around April’s perfectly designed home. (No, seriously… Blair who?)

But after a perfect night of necking, April ultimately learns that she can never have a relationship with Daniel because she’ll never be able to fully trust him again.

“This is it. This is goodbye,” April says to the FBI hottie, breaking the hearts of viewers everyone.

But instead of being bitter, Daniel hands a tape over to April -- one that could potentially save Joss’ skin.

“Give this to Joss’ lawyer. I think this might help,” he teases. And, boy, was he right! After Joss opens up to Roz, she learns that David has come to the prison to pay her a visit.

“You’re going to like this,” Joss’ lawyer says with a smile and a nod. (Did we just learn who killed Luca?)

Last but not least, Karen made her decision regarding her pregnancy in episode 10 after talking to her judgmental priest.

“Carry the child to term then give it up for adoption,” he says before lecturing the sins that she and the Adams’ have taken part in during their "thrupple" romance. But Karen, whose cheeks are drenched in tears, isn’t going to stand for the father’s judgmental behavior. Instead, she gives him a piece of her mind and then goes off to buy a bunch of baby books. Guess Karen and the Adams are having a child!

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