ABC Mixology episode 1 and 2
Watch the first two episodes of "Mixology" online for free. Mixology

Rumor has it that more snow will be falling in the New York area tonight, so why go out for a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner when you could spend it snuggled up on the couch watching a romantic comedy -- for free! We’ve got the perfect thing for you and your V-day date to enjoy without spending a single cent.

It's “Mixology,” ABC’s newest sitcom, created by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and produced by Ryan Seacrest and Nina Wass. Two of the show’s very first episodes have been leaked for your viewing pleasure: the pilot, titled “Tom & Maya,” and episode 2, titled “Live & Ron.”

So what is this romantic comedy TV series about? Well, it’s like no other show you’ve ever seen on the small screen. The entire “Mixology” series takes place over the course of one night at a Manhattan bar. The plot then dives into the stories of six women and five men who meet on that night and indulge in a little more than just sharing cocktails. Each episode will follow two of the characters as they meet for the first time. And, according to the “Mixology” synopsis, that will “determine the outcome in the season finale, which will be the end of the night.” The last episode of “Mixology” is set to air May 21.

We know from the titles that episode 1 will follow Tom and Maya and episode 2 will focus on Liv and Ron. And luckily, we’ve found out which characters of “Mixology” the next three episodes will home in on: Episode 3 follows "Bruce & Jessica," episode 4 tells the story of "Cal & Kacey," and episode 5 will reveal the backstories of “Fab & Jessica & Dominic.”

Curious to know who these characters are? Well, we’ve got you covered!

1. Ron (Adam Campbell) plays a failed Internet entrepreneur who is having the worst night of his life.

2. Dominic (Adan Canto) is a dark and mysterious bartender.

3. Tom, Blake Lee, is a man recently dumped by his fiancée. Tom hasn’t been out on the town or on the market for nearly a decade.

4. Bruce, Andrew Santino, is a fast-talking friend of Tom’s.

5. Cal, Craig Frank, is a handsome and confident man who is one of Tom’s best friends.

6. Jessica, Alexis Carra, is an aggressive single mom.

7. Maya, Ginger Gonzaga, plays an attorney as beautiful as she is brutal.

8. Liv, Kate Simses, is Maya’s engaged-for-now friend.

9. Janey, Sarah Bolger, is Maya’s younger, naïve sister.

10. Kacey, Vanessa Lengies, plays a bubbly cocktail waitress.

Find out how their stories intertwine HERE by watching the first two episodes online for free. Let us know what you think of ABC’s new TV show “Mixology" in the comments section below.