Mobile World Congress
Mobile World Congress mobileworldcongress

Barcelona, a city famous for its champion football club, is now drawing attention for something else - hosting the MWC (Mobile World Congress), which will kick off on Feb. 27 and run through March 1. Yes, MWC is round the corner and mobile device manufacturers are all packing for a trip to Spain.

MWC 2012 is expected to reveal some new technology in smartphone. This is right time for quad-core phones to get introduced. Not to forget about the fresh taste of Ice Cream Sandwich – the new version of Android, whose source code was released by Google last year and many android smartphone owners are still waiting for ICS. MWC will surely be a home to some ICS devices getting released later this year. Here’s a look of what is being expected from different mobile brands at MWC 2012.


Nokia has been very successful with their Lumia phone lineup. Lumia 900 had already been introduced at CES 2012. Now Nokia might be releasing a LTE-enabled Windows smartphone.


LG Optimus 2X was the first smartphone to feature dual-core processors. LG is not in a hurry to reveal quad-core android phone yet. They are sticking to the 3D technology, revealed in Optimus 3D, with Optimus 3D variants and a new flagship under Optimus 4X.


Hot war is ON between Apple and Samsung. Samsung is acting secretive like Apple and we have no idea (not even a little bit) about what Samsung is planning to do. Rumors about Galaxy S3 are making rounds, but Samsung is not willing to come to MWC this year, the venue where it revealed the highly reputed Galaxy S2 in 2011.


HTC is renowned for its smartphones and Sense UI. HTC has rolled its sleeves up to introduce HTC Endeavour, whose images were leaked earlier this month. HTC is also going to reveal another phone – HTC One S. Both the phones will have the updated version of HTC Sense UI 4.0.


After breaking up with its Swedish partner – Ericsson, Sony is going to add more devices to their Xperia smartphone lineup – Xperia P and Xperia U.


Asus has created a good reputation in the tablet market by developing affordable, yet premium quality tablets. Recently Asus released a teaser video title “Twice the Detail, Twice the Fun” giving a hint about a high-resolution tablet going to get revealed at MWC this year.


This Asian company wants to take a plunge into the high-end competitive smartphone market. ZTE is going to reveal three new high-end android smartphones at MWC 2012.


Blackberry has already release Playbook OS 2.0. So there is not much to be expected from RIM. On the other hand, Motorola is also staying away from MWC.

(Reported by Johnny Wills, Edited by Surojit Chatterjee)