Supermodel Molly Sims has developed a serious sweet tooth during her pregnancy with her first child.

Yesterday I had three desserts. I literally had a Sprinkles red velvet cupcake, this little piece of Marzipan bundt cake, and sorbet, Sims told People magazine.

Oh, that's right, and I had some frozen yogurt: cake batter with graham cracker crust.

Sims said she loves the freedom of indulging her sweet tooth.

It's amazing because you know that old saying, 'You're just a stomach flu away from a size two?' I'm 12 stomach flus away from a size two now and you know what? It's okay, she said.

She said she loves her changing figure.

I love from my chest up. You find a cottage-like cheese layer on different parts of your body including your calves, said Sims.

But her pregnancy isn't all chocolate cake and cookies. The model revealed she has trouble sleeping.

I'm having trouble sleeping, she admits. You go side to side, you put a pillow over, you put a pillow under. I'm surrounded by pillows and I put the air conditioner on 50.

Sims, 38 is expecting a baby boy in June with husband Scott Stuber.

She announced the news earlier this year on her website.

I am absolutely, positively, downright over the moon to announce that we are pregnant! There are simply no words to describe the feeling. I finally get what they mean when they say pregnant women GLOW, she wrote according to the National Ledger.

Our little bundle of joy is a honeymoon baby, due at the end of June. A first pregnancy is a nerve-wracking experience of course, but mostly we are just thrilled and excited. We can't wait to meet him or her.

The couple already has a name -- or 12 -- picked out for their little bundle of joy.

We had name day on Saturday, she said according to People magazine. We got it narrowed down to about 12 names.