• The mother said her 14-year-old son has been targeted by a gang of teens since November last year
  • She said the group is undeterred even if the victim's parents are around
  • The mom said she has reported the matter to police but fears for her son's life

A mother in England said she fears her teenage son may end up dead after he became the target of a series of attacks carried out by a group of teens.

In a report from Lancs Live, the mom, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said that the first attack on her 14-year-old son, whose name was also not disclosed, took place at Astley Park in Chorley, England, on Nov. 25 last year.

A group of five boys punched her son and then grabbed at a chain that contained the ashes of the boy’s grandmother, the mother said. Despite the attack, the ashes were saved as they fell into the teen’s clothing. The chain was retrieved by staff at a local artisan shop in the park later.

A second attack took place in April behind Chorley Library, according to the teen's mother. She told the outlet that one of the youths headbutted her son before the others punched and kicked him. The attack left the teen with a golf-ball-sized lump on his head and forced him to crouch down on the floor.

A video, understood to have been filmed by a member of the gang and sent to Lancs Live by the victim's mother, showed the boy being sucker-punched and kicked in the head while he lays on the floor.

The mother said her son was subjected to two more attacks, with the latest occurring on June 1 and involving balaclava-clad assailants stealing £20 ($24) from the victim.

She said the group of bullies are undeterred even if the victim's parents are around. They allegedly verbally abused her and their family as well.

The matter has been brought to the attention of police. But the mother still fears for her son's life with the attacks continuing as time goes on.

“They shout abuse, he’s had phone calls abusing him and even when an adult’s taken the phone off him, they carry on saying, we’re going to hurt him,” the mother said. "Police say as far as malicious phone calls are concerned, he has to delete his social media and not answer text messages from them and just ignore them."

She continued, “The police’s hands are tied as well because of all the red tape, and they don’t want to criminalize children, and the youth offenders’ team is working with them. But at the end of the day, if they’re behaving like criminals, then they should be treated like criminals because if it was an adult, it would have been dealt with a long time ago.”

As a result of the attacks, the mom said that her son is unable to go anywhere and live a normal life.

In response to the attack, a Home Office spokesperson said they condemn the youth violence and are putting more cops on the streets.

"The Home Office condemns youth violence and we are putting more police on our streets to keep our communities safe,” the spokesperson said in a report from the Mirror. “More than 13,500 additional officers, including hundreds in Lancashire, have already been recruited across England and Wales and we are on track to deliver our commitment to recruit 20,000.”

The Lancashire Constabulary is looking into the incident, according to the outlet.

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