Love Hip Hop Hollywood recap
“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Moniece Slaughter threatens legal action after her co-stars try to leak her sex tape. VH1

Moniece Slaughter is doing everything she can to keep her sex tape from seeing the light of the day. On “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Season 3, episode 10 Moniece’s X-rated video is still a popular topic of conversation but she’s taking legal action to stop her enemies from leaking it.

During Monday’s episode, Ray J and Max Boyd are in the studio with Brandi Boyd and Princess Love when Brandi tells the guys that she has a surprise for them. Jason Lee comes into the room, and Princes explains that they want to get back at Moniece and Jason has a sex tape she did. Jason plays the video for the group, and Ray J jumps up to leave because he doesn’t want to be a part of it. Even though Ray J and Moniece aren’t friends, he doesn’t think it’s right to try and leak her sex tape and he tells Princess to stay out of it. Max tells his wife Brandi that he’s going to tell Moniece’s ex Fizz about the tape because they’re friends.

When Max and Fizz meet up to talk about Moniece’s tape, Fizz says that he’s going to talk to his ex and to Jason. Fizz is annoyed over the tape possibly being made public, and goes to tell Moniece about Jason giving her tape to Brandi so she can leak it. Moniece is furious.

Meanwhile, Fizz meets with Jason and brings Moniece along with him. Jason reveals to the camera that Moniece sent him a legal letter about the tape, but he says he’s not worried about it because he knows his rights. Moniece wants to know which guy is in the tape with her but he won’t tell her. Fizz and Jason get into an argument over the tape because Fizz thinks Jason is trying to exploit Moniece.

Moniece isn’t the only “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast member going through a messy situation. Things between A1, his wife Lyrica and their moms Pam and Lyrica G has gotten a lot worse. Pam and A1 are relaxing at home with Safaree Samuels when Pam tells her son that his car is being repossessed. A1 goes outside to see what’s going on and is told that Lyrica G called and wanted the car taken away from him. A1 says that the car is in Lyrica G’s name. As the repo man is taking the car, Lyrica G pulls up and starts arguing with Pam. The two moms almost get into a fight but security keeps them separated. A1 gets in Lyrica G’s car and drives away. She screams after him that she’s going to call the cops if he doesn’t bring her car back.

Later, A1 and Pam tell A1’s wife Lyrica what happened. Lyrica is confused why her mom would take their car, but she gets into a nasty argument with Pam when she starts bashing her mom.

Also during episode 10, Nikki Mudarris clears things up with Safaree and Rosa Acosta. Nikki was dating both of them at the same time and her love triangle blew up in her face when they each found out she was seeing more than one person. Nikki first meets with Rosa and brings her flowers and says she wants to be friends. Rosa accept Nikkie’s apology and they agree not to lie to each other anymore.

Nikki then meets Safaree for lunch. She tells the camera that she missed him and didn’t like how they left things. Nikki apologizes to him again and Safaree accepts it. They agree not to date other people, and when Safaree asks about her relationship with Rosa she insists they are just friends.