The surviving members of The Monkees announced dates Wednesday for their 2012 Reunion Tour, six months after the death of lead singer Davy Jones. Find out here if the band is playing in a city near you.

The remaining Monkees -- Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork -- are embarking on a 12-city tour starting Nov. 8 that ends in New York's Beacon Theatre Dec. 2, the band announced.

The tour announcement comes six months after Jones, the band's popular lead singer, died Feb. 28 of a heart attack at age 66.

Nesmith buried the announcement of The Monkees 2012 Reunion Tour in a drawn-out blog post on

Nesmith writes:

"So the big news from here is that I made the most amazing gazpacho tonight - miracle gazpacho. A miracle because I have no idea how I did it and could never do it again.

"But the really big news - astounding - is that I suddenly understand that it is the red Bell pepper that makes the gazpacho red - not the tomato - which is what I always thought. Amazing.

"Another jaw dropper was that the only cracker I had left - a very nice garlic and chive flat bread cracker - fell out of the bag it was in because I was inadvertently holding it upside down and it fell on the floor and broke into dozens of pieces.

"So just as I was about to eat the miracle gazpacho the only cracker I had was useless in pieces on the floor. Talk about drama - man its just so hard sometimes. But that's all the news from here. Nothing else much to report. I see they put a car on Mars - that was kind of amusing of course.

"And Micky and Peter and I are going to do twelve concerts in November here in the States. That's really all I've got. Going to bed now.

"I'll post pictures of the cracker and the gazpacho tomorrow, maybe. Maybe not."

The Monkees 2012 Reunion Tour starts off with four dates in California before they head to Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Philadelphia, New Jersey and two dates in New York.

Here's the complete schedule with venues:

  • Nov. 8 California Center for the Arts - Escondido Calif.
  • Nov. 9 Arlington Theatre - Santa Barbara Calif.
  • Nov. 10 Greek Theatre - Los Angeles 
  • Nov. 11 Flint Center for the Performing Arts - Cupertino Calif.
  • Nov. 15 State Theatre - Minneapolis 
  • Nov. 16 The Chicago Theatre - Chicago 
  • Nov. 17 Lakewood Civic Auditorium - Cleveland 
  • Nov, 18 The Center for the Arts - Buffalo N.Y.
  • Nov. 29 Keswick Theatre - Philadelphia - (Tickets on sale Aug. 10 noon at box office)
  • Nov. 30 State Theatre Regional Arts Center - New Brunswick N.J.
  • Dec. 1 The Paramount - Huntington N.Y.
  • Dec. 2 The Beacon Theatre - New York