Actor Omar Sharif, arguably the most famous Egyptian in the world, wants president, Hosni Mubarak, to go.

Sharif, known for starring in classic movies such as “Doctor Zhivago” and Lawrence of Arabia,” told France Inter Radio in an interview this morning that “President Mubarak should go. Given that he’s been in power for 30 years, that’s enough.”

“The president hasn’t improved the standard of living for Egyptians. There are some people that are very rich – maybe one percent – and the rest are all poor and trying to find food.”

The actor, who was born a Christian but later converted to Islam, said he also fears that the country’s radical Islam group, the Muslim Brotherhood, could replace Mubarak.

“I don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said. “They were trapped and now are starting to come out. They have 20 percent of the population, and it’s frightening for me.”