It's no secret that many women desire to look like celebrities. From magazine covers to movie screens to commercials, it is hard not to notice a notable Hollywood star looking glamorous at least once a day - and that is probably why women who seek plastic surgery often ask for procedures to make them look more like their favorite celebs. 

Earlier this month, a story went viral about a British woman named Claire Leeson who spent more than $30,000 to look like her idol, Kim Kardashian. The 24-year-old underwent breast augmentation, splurged on makeup, tanning, nails, and even wears “bum padding.” "I've had my teeth whitened, then I wanted my boobs enhanced ... and with pictures [of Kardashian] explained to my surgeon that I wanted to look like this," she said on British talk show “This Morning.” "I also wear bum padding -- it's a silicone base. Pants with silicone inside."

While this story may be shocking, Leeson is not alone. According to, an online community in which users discuss plastic surgery procedures, other famous women such as Beyoncé and Julia Roberts have desired features.  

The number-one most-requested celebrity feature is Kardashian’s derriere. Most women request a Brazilian Butt Lift in order to attain her voluptuous look. The procedure takes fat from a part of the body such as the abdomen or thighs, and transfers it to the buttocks. The butt lift costs on average $6,725.

After Kardashian’s famous backside, the most popular celebrity features of 2014 are as follows:

Beyoncé – butt

Madonna – face and hands (anti-aging)

Angelina Jolie – cheeks, lips

Rihanna – skin lightening

Jennifer Lawrence – nose

Jennifer Lopez – butt

Kate Middleton – nose, smile

Julia Roberts – lips, smile

Would you get plastic surgery in order to look like your favorite celebrity?