• Ashley Caraballo pleaded no contest to third-degree murder Monday
  • She also pleaded no contest to charges of concealing the death and abuse of a corpse
  • The incident happened in 2017

A Pennsylvania woman accused of killing her newborn baby and hiding the corpse in a paint bucket has pleaded no contest to the murder.

Ashley Caraballo, of Leigh County, pleaded no contest Monday to a third-degree murder charge in connection with the death of her son in October 2017. The 32-year-old has also pleaded no contest to charges of concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse.

The mother of six was taken to a hospital on Oct. 20, 2017 after her partner noticed her bleeding. A medical examination revealed that Caraballo had recently given birth. The obstetrician found an uncut portion of the umbilical cord still attached to the placental tissue that appeared to be from a 30-34-week fetus, The Morning Call reported citing court records.

It was also found that the injuries on Caraballo were consistent with a baby being "ripped out" when the cervix was not fully dilated. The doctor believes the woman must have given birth several hours or up to three days before arriving at the hospital.

Caraballo initially denied giving birth. She claimed that the placental tissue was from her last pregnancy a year earlier. However, her medical records contradicted the claim.

The hospital immediately alerted the police. Investigators discovered the infant's body stuffed in a pink children's backpack inside a paint bucket at the storage area of the woman's home.

A medical examiner and one expert could not determine whether Caraballo's baby was born alive, Chief Deputy District Attorney Matthew Falk said during the trial. However, another expert said the boy was full-term and died from asphyxiation, he added.

Caraballo did not testify in court Monday. She told the court that she has six children, including a 1-year-old who was born while she was awaiting the trial.

Caraballo will face a reduced sentence of 6 to 12 years, District Attorney Jim Martin said in a news release, Leigh Valley Live reported.

Her sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 11. Caraballo has been held in Lehigh County Jail without bail since 2019.

baby-256857_640 (4) Infant
Representational image. The investigators found the body of the infant from a paint bucket inside the house.