Motorola was awarded for its contributions to create technology standards for diverse electronic components on Monday.

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) gave its Corporate Award to the wireless and broadband company in recognition of its outstanding contributions to IEEE standards, which allow people to be mobile and connected across the globe, the firm said. The firm has contributed substantially to the broad family of IEEE 802 wireless standards.

This award honors Motorola for its dedication in partnering with us to create standards for diverse electronic components, devices and systems, says Judy Gorman, Managing Director of IEEE-SA. Many of these industry standards have opened markets for new technologies that have changed people's lives in fundamental ways and have allowed them to be connected wherever they are.

Motorola has held numerous leadership positions in working groups for IEEE 802.11 (local area networks), IEEE 802.15 (personal area networks), IEEE 802.16 (metropolitan area networks) and IEEE 802.22 (regional area networks) standards.

The IEEE Standards Association is a globally recognized standards-setting body for electrical and electronics engineering, computing and control technology fields.