The original Motorola Razr made such a huge mark among smartphones in the early 2000’s that the company decided to bring it back, this time as a foldable smartphone. And while Motorola hasn’t officially announced the rumored clamshell yet, a new report says that the device will be released soon.

An anonymous source told Dutch-speaking tech site Let’s Go Digital that Motorola plans to release the much-awaited reprisal of the beloved Razr clamshell later this year, specifically in December. The tech site claims to have verified its source’s tip, leading it to “believe that it is reliable information.”

A good spot

A December release will put the Razr foldable in a challenging but good spot beside Samsung’s redesigned Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s delayed Mate X foldable, particularly in terms of pricing. We know that Samsung’s and Huawei’s devices will be expensive (about $1,980 and above), but Motorola’s offering will be significantly cheaper at about $1,500, making it a more affordable option.

The Razr will also appeal to those who do not want chunky devices on their pocket. Unlike the other two smartphones, the Razr is designed for maximum portability. It folds along a horizontal axis to become a dumb phone with a small display for notifications and the like on the outside. It’s fully functional when unfolded, but super portable when folded.

The Galaxy Fold and Mate X, on the other hand, are big when folded and even bigger when unfolded. While they’re perfect for those who want wider screen estate, they’re not the best choice when it comes to portability.

Not worth the price?

While the price range is sure to appeal to those who are looking for an affordable foldable smartphone, the Razr’s rumored specs are likely to turn people off. The Dutch-speaking tech site said it has a lower price because it won’t have a high-end processor, and it will have a smaller battery compared to others.

For $1,500, buyers can already purchase a high-end non-foldable smartphone like an iPhone XS Max, a Galaxy Note 10+, or a Galaxy S10+. Those who are looking to upgrade to another smartphone with good specs can also wait for Apple to reveal this year’s iPhone lineup as well.

Motorola RAZR Lenovo will need more than nostalgia to make the Motorola Razr smartphone a big hit. Photo: Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch