Huawei has decided to push the Mate X’s release back a few more months after Samsung received a great deal of flak over the Galaxy Fold fiasco.

The Chinese tech giant, in a statement sent to TechRadar, said it is delaying the release of its first foray into the mainstream foldable smartphones category. The release won’t be far off, though, as the company plans to release it in time for the holidays.

“Huawei confirms that Mate X is still scheduled for launch between September and November 2019,” the company said.

Why the added delay?

It’s easy to understand why Huawei would decide to delay the launch of its Mate X foldable. Samsung tried to release the Galaxy Fold a few months ago, but instead of receiving stellar reviews from tech personalities praising the device’s looks, features, functionality and overall form, it received negative reports saying the $1,980 device broke within the first two days of use.

The Korean tech giant had to recall the Galaxy Fold, look into the problems plaguing it, and work on redesigning it for a future, still undetermined release date.

It is obvious that Huawei didn’t want to go through the same kind of experience Samsung went through. Instead of releasing the device on June, the Chinese tech giant said it will delay the launch until September so that it can run more tests with carriers and developers to see if it won’t have any problems with the apps that will come with it, as well as apps that are being made for foldables.

By doing that, Huawei spared itself from receiving flak from the public. It will also have more time to test the Mate X’s features, such as the display, the hinges where it folds, and more. Apparently, the Chinese tech company wanted more time to make sure the device doesn't fail it, like how the Galaxy Fold failed Samsung.

More interesting news

Aside from promising to release the Mate X between September and November, Huawei also promised that “the next Mate X” might have more screens, and might come next year, TechRadar said. It’s as if the first Mate X doesn’t have enough screen estate yet, folded or not.

Of course, the promise might seem exciting, but since the first device hasn’t even been released yet, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. Time will tell if Huawei’s first Mate X will make the next Mate X worth the hype.

Samsung Galaxy Fold It's obvious Huawei didn't want to experience what Samsung went through with the Galaxy Fold (held by Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh). Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan