Men are growing out their moustaches this “Movember” once again, for the sake of charity.

The global initiative encourages men to grow out their moustaches through the 30 days in November, and raise money toward men’s health awareness.

Starting Nov. 1, men can register as a Mo Bro (male participant) at, and start their journey clean-shaven. After that there are no more razors for the rest of the month as MoBro’s raise money and open dialogue about ailments that affect men, especially prostate and testicular cancer.

Once registered, Mo Bros have access their own “fundraising page, free downloads, special prizes and the ability to recruit team members, collect donations and connect with the Mo Community,” Marketwire reports.

Women can also get involved as “Mo Sista,” helping the Mo Bros in their lives to garner donations and help get people talking about men’s health.

This year’s theme, Mo & Son, aims to get fathers and sons having dialogue about men’s health.

“I've been doing Movember for a few years now and last year I was able to sit down and have a conversation with my dad about Movember, men's health and prostate cancer. Because of this he went to talk to his doctor about screening and has since discovered he had prostate cancer,” said Jean-Aymeri de Magistris, a Mo Bro from Montreal, Canada.

“He is currently going through treatment but it just shows how having these conversations about men's health and sharing this knowledge is so important. Knowledge is power.”

“Mo,” is Australian slang for moustache, and the initiative started down under in 2004, when a group of men from Melbourne decided to go unshaven for 30 days in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men. That group eventually became the Movember Foundation.

The term “Movember” was reportedly coined in 1999, by a group of men from Adelaide who grew out their moustaches and raised money for the RSPCA by selling t-shirts.

The Movember Foundation works in conjunction with the LIVESTRONG Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation in order to raise money for those causes.

Movember CEO and co-founder, Adam Garone says in 2011, Movember had 855,203 participants and supporters globally and raised $126.3 million.