Mr. Robot
Here's what happened in “Mr. Robot” season 2, episode 10 and the questions we're asking after seeing the episode. USA Network

“Mr. Robot” Season 2, Episode 10 was intense, to say the least.

The episode opened with E Corp CEO Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer) talking to the company's former CTO Terry Colby (Bruce Altman). The two discussed Price's intention behind dealing with different world leaders. Price apparently wants to be the most powerful man in the world – even more powerful than politicians.

The next scene showed what happened after Elliot (Rami Malek) found Tyrell Wellick's (Martin Wallstrom) wife Joanna (Stephanie Corneliussen) waiting outside his apartment. Joanna wanted Elliot to trace the location of the person who calls her, believing that the person contacting her is her husband. Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) is not happy about it, especially since he had already told Elliot that they killed Tyrell. Left with no choice but to cooperate, Elliot agreed to trace the caller's location. He was successful at tracing it. After getting the address, Mr. Sutherland (Jeremy Holm), who works for the Tyrells, takes a screenshot of Elliot's findings and leaves, but not before saying it's impossible that Tyrell is staying at that address, if he were the one calling Joanna.

Meanwhile, the episode also revealed that the person Cisco (Michael Drayer) found at Susan Jacobs' (Sandrine Holt) home is one of Darlene's (Carly Chaikin) recruits for fsociety. Cisco took him home –the two people Darlene saw at Cisco's door in the previous episode were apparently Cisco and the recruit. Darlene was determined to let the recruit die, but Cisco gave a speech that shook her. They eventually took him to the hospital.

Elsewhere, Dom (Grace Gummer) got a tip linking Cisco to Susan's house. Angela's (Portia Doubleday) ex, Ollie (Ben Rappaport), told the FBI when they questioned him that Cisco was the one who gave him the CD which Angela used in order for the Dark Army to penetrate Allsafe's system. Determined to find the connection between the two incidents, Dom told her boss. Instead of tracking Cisco quietly, though, her boss decided that giving sketches of Cisco's face to the media was the way to go.

After tracing the person calling Joanna, Elliot met Angela on a train. Angela said she'll confess everything, but she will not implicate Elliot and Darlene. Much to her surprise, what she thought was a private conversation between her and Elliot might not have been private at all. After Elliot went down the train, two people – a man and a woman – came near Angela.

The final few scenes of the episode were the most intense ones. After learning from a tip that Cisco and Darlene were at a hospital, Dom and the rest of her teammates in the FBI went to search for them. They were no longer there when they came, but after a little bit of sleuthing, Dom decided to look for them at places nearby. She was able to locate them at a small restaurant. After calling for back-up, though, two men riding a motorcycle – who may have been members of the Dark Army – came. One gunned down the restaurant, but Dom came out alive.

The episode, as usual posed a lot of new questions that viewers wish would be answered in the upcoming episodes. Here are five of them.

1. Is Dom's boss working with the Dark Army?

Going public with Cisco's identity was definitely the wrong move. Aside from giving Cisco the chance to escape, it also prompts the Dark Army to take matters into their own hands and get rid of him, which might have been what happened in the episode. Cisco is a spy for the Dark Army, after all. Plus, during the attack on their team in China, Dom's boss was the only one who wasn't there.

2. What was Mr. Robot hinting at when he told Elliot that he needs to be home? What's hiding in there?

While tracing the person calling Joanna, Elliot thought about Mr. Robot's reason for wanting him to return to his apartment as soon as he could. He thinks he's trying to tell him something. Was it a hidden object? Was it a clue to where Tyrell really is?

3. Whose house was it that Elliot traced?

Mr. Sutherland said it was impossible that Tyrell will be at the place where Elliot traced the call. Why? Could it be that Tyrell is actually dead, and the person calling Joanna is Scott Knowles (Brian Stokes Mitchell)? If that's the case, then was it only a hallucination when Elliot heard Tyrell's voice on the phone while he was still in prison?

4. Did Darlene die?

There's a 50/50 chance that she did. Maybe the gunman shot at Cisco first, giving Darlene the opportunity to duck. If Dom made it out alive, maybe Darlene is still alive, too.

5. What do the posters inside the train mean and who are the people that Angela saw in the train after Elliot left?

There were posters inside the train saying “Phase.” Does it have anything to do with the next stage of Elliot's plan? Series creator Sam Esmail isn't exactly the type to put things without meaning, so what could the posters possibly mean? Were the people whom Angela saw FBI agents? Dom told her in a previous episode that she had her followed.

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