Known for its fun and addictive reality shows, MTV is ready to bring throw yet another program into the mix. “Winter Break: Hunter Mountain,” from the executive producers of “Floribama Shore,” premieres Tuesday night and will introduce audiences to a whole new crop of reality stars during its eight-episode run.

Leaving the beaches behind, “Wintre Break” follows eight people who are just looking for a bit of a winter getaway. They find one at Hunter Mountain, “an idyllic ski resort that offers twentysomethings the chance to escape their regular lives, ski and snowboard their hearts out and mingle with other likeminded singles,” according to the network.

Meet the eight cast members of “Winter Break: Hunter Mountain”:

Taylor James “TJ” Angus

The show might be about singles meeting up during a winter getaway, but now, Angus is in a relationship. The star, who loves traveling and snowboarding, according to social media, recently shared Instagram posts of his Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend Chelsey Kuhn.

Jeffrey “J. Brew” Brewer

Like Angus, Brewer, too, is currently in a relationship. He shared sweet snaps of himself with his girlfriend Michelle Mudlin on Instagram for Valentine’s Day, with the caption: “Thanks for putting up with me!”

Alessandra Camerlingo

It looks like Camerlingo really is all about the “food, beauty, travel,” just as her Instagram profile states, as she often posts photos of herself modeling in different location and showing off different looks. Plus, her use of various hashtags shows that she’s very into social media and is interested in building up her platform.

Jillian Metz

Not only is Metz game to share her life as part of an MTV reality series, but she loves to share it via her writing, as well. The star has a personal website where she blogs about her life and the show. She also has a separate Instagram account that’s all about things to do in central New Jersey.

Alex “Sheen” Shinder

It’s not only the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” that’s all about the working out. Shinder’s Instagram is essentially just a fitness inspiration page, with all of his workouts shared right to his profile.

Taylar Shinn

He’s not the only one, though. Shinn is right there with him, posting countless mirror photos of herself in workout attire at the gym. She also shares videos of her fitness routines, as well as snaps of what her hard work earned her, aka bikini pictures at the beach.

Marc Vindas

The reality star just graduated from Boston College last year, according to his Instagram and, of course, he celebrated with some snowboarding. Aside from boarding pictures, he also enjoys posting snaps of his travels and his family.

Carissa Witham

In her personal blog, Witham shared that she used to work for a Child Protective Services in Connecticut, but she decided it wasn’t what she wanted to do. Landing the gig on this MTV show was the deciding factor, leading her to quit her job. She continues to write on her blog about her new adventures as a bartender and this reality series.

“Winter Break: Hunter Mountain” premieres Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. EST on MTV.