The head of the intelligence firm linked to the allegations of sexual misconduct brought against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, bore a striking similarity to Jacob Wohl, a former hedge fund manager and pro-Trump conspiracy theorist.

Wohl’s Twitter bio read: “20 Year Old Financier and Political Commentator | Conservative, Trump Supporter, Zionist.” He was banned by National Futures Association in March 2017 after being accused of 14 counts of fraudulent activity which violated Arizona’s securities laws.

He frequently appears as a guest in Fox News and runs a YouTube channel where he propagates his far-right ideals. His father, David Wohl, was also a notable pro-Trump legal and political analyst.

Wohl’s name was thrust in the limelight hours after Peter Carr, the spokesperson for the special counsel’s office, told media outlets Tuesday: “When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation.”

It all started when a handful of journalists from well-recognized publications received emails on Oct. 17 from a woman called “Lorraine Parsons” who claimed someone working for Jack Burkman, a Republican lobbyist and conspiracy theorist, had offered her money in exchange of making accusations of sexual misconduct against Mueller, Vox reported. 

Two days later an ominous tweet from Wohl read

As reporters scrambled and failed to verify the identity of the mysterious “Lorraine Parsons,” a law professor called Jennifer Taub came forward Oct. 22 and told the Atlantic someone from an agency called Surefire Intelligence had contacted her through email, asking her about her “past encounters with Robert Mueller,” even offering to pay for a phone call. She said she never met Mueller in the past and hence did not reply to the email.

This led the media and other online researchers to look into the Surefire Intelligence firm and, it turned out, every detail of the agency could be traced back to Wohl.

Wohl’s email and mother’s phone number were listed as the agency’s contacts. The address listed as the location of its office was actually that of a law firm which had nothing to do with Surefire Intelligence. Between August 2018 and Oct. 30, 2018, the firm added six more addresses from around the world.

Even the LinkedIn photos of the staffers supposedly working for the shady firm were found to taken from stock photo archives. In fact the company seemed to have been registered just weeks ago, on Oct. 9, 2018.

Lastly, the photo used for the “managing partner” of the firm, Matthew Cohen, bore a striking similarity to Wohl.

The final confirmation of Wohl’s shoddy scheme came when Burkman told Hill Reporter that “Surefire is a real company” run by “Jacob Wohl.”

Meanwhile, on Monday, a day before the reporters who were unable to authenticate Parsons’ story, referred the matter to the special counsel’s office, which then asked the FBI to investigate, Wohl gleefully posted the following tweet on Twitter:

After Burkman announced on Twitter he will be holding a press conference Nov. 1 at the Rosslyn Holiday Inn to reveal one of the sexual assault victims of Mueller, far-right conspiracy website Gateway Pundit, posted a heavily redacted document making a rape allegation against Mueller.

The author’s name in the document was blacked out so there was no way to know if Wohl, who frequently wrote writes for the website, was the one who penned the document. The document used a slogan that was on the Surefire website. The document was eventually taken down by Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft who said they were looking into the “serious allegations against Jacob Wohl.”

Just like Burkman, Wohl has denied the accusations against him of paying women to frame Mueller and has also refused having any connection with Surefire Intelligence.