What do you wear to a “murder hornet” extermination? An anti-sting suit, of course. Since the insects are so dangerous, it doesn’t matter how silly the suit looks, but that didn’t stop the internet from commenting on it.

As previously reported, the first nest of giant Asian hornets, more commonly called “murder hornets,” was found in Blaine, Washington, close to the Canadian border last week. Scientists went in on Sunday to destroy the nest in hopes of stopping the invasive species from spreading.

They wore white suits that appear to be some type of neoprene. The heavy fabric helps prevent them from the deadly sting of the giant Asian hornets, which kill 30-50 people a year in Japan.

The funky suits with their square-shaped headpieces caught the attention of Twitter very quickly. Comparisons were made to sci-fi movies and the video game “Among Us.” Several also wanted to dress up in protective "murder hornet" suits for Halloween next weekend.

“Wow Good job Ag Dept. Those ‘murder hornets’ freak me out. And, that ‘zoot suit & canister’ look like something off the Syfy channel,” a user noted.

“If you happen to come across a scene like this in a forest, run! It's either people vacuuming murder hornets out a tree, or a robot invasion,” one commenter wrote.

“These are heroes. And the future stars of a cool syfy channel movie. Nothing scares me more than murder hornets. For reals. Except 4 more years of Trump,” another added.

See more hilarious reactions to the “murder hornet” protection suits below:

Giant Asian hornets are an invasive species that can destroy hives of honeybees and other insects very quickly. They are being eradicated because their presence could have a negative effect on ecosystems. Thus far, they’ve only been found in the Pacific Northwest in the U.S.

Murder hornets suit
Washington State Department of Agriculture workers disconnect hoses from a cannister of Asian giant hornets vacuumed from a tree on Oct. 24, 2020, in Blaine, Washington. ELAINE THOMPSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images