After Massachusetts schoolteacher Vanessa MacCormack was found dead inside her home earlier this month, her husband, Andrew MacCormack was arrested and charged with her death. Andrew, 29, pleaded not guilty to his wife’s murder, but suspicious text messages recently emerged detailing marital strife.

Despite outward appearances, court documents revealed tension between the couple regarding their finances and other issues. Vanessa allegedly confronted her husband via text message in the days and weeks before she was found dead inside their home. The 30-year-old was found strangled and stabbed to death inside their Revere, Massachusetts home Sep. 24.

“I want answers,” she wrote to Andrew Sep. 3, according to documents reviewed by People magazine. “It’s the least I deserve.”

Vanessa allegedly discovered Andrew had been using the couple’s money to buy cocaine to fuel his drug habit, investigators said. She then told him she would leave him and sell their house.

“I hate you so much you’ve ruined [our daughter’s life] because she won’t have her parents together,” Vanessa told Andrew in a text Aug. 31, according to People. “I’ll talk to [an agent] tomorrow about listing the house and I’ll look into divorce lawyers.”

“Ur crazy,” Andrew replied, according to the documents. “I’m not signing anything to sell the house or get divorced.”

Vanessa’s mother told police her daughter had spoken to her about their financial issues.

“Vanessa also stated that money was turning up missing and that Andrew MacCormack’s bank account had been compromised,” investigators said in the documents.

After allegedly taking money from their bank account to pay for drugs, Andrew told Vanessa that hackers had taken the money, police said. Vanessa, however, reportedly discovered the truth.

“Don’t you dare get frustrated with me you deserve to be questioned,” Vanessa said in a text Sep. 15. “It seems like you think being nice to me for four days would fix everything but it’s not that simple. You never did the things I said would need to happen if you want me to stay with you like going to marriage counseling, stepping it up financially, communicating [with] my family.”

Prosecutors alleged Andrew killed his wife at their home, cleaned the scene with bleach and then went out to purchase $100 of cocaine.

“The evidence suggests that her murder was a crime of domestic violence, committed in the very place where she should have been safest – her own home,” Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said at a press conference Saturday.

Documents related to the investigation also detailed an accusation of domestic violence by Andrew from a past girlfriend in 2011. The allegation was subsequently dropped, but bore “some parallels to Vanessa’s death,” according to MassLive.

Public Defense Attorney John C. Hayes fired back at allegations that Andrew killed his wife.

“They were going through some problems, but they were happily married,” he said. “They were going to look forward to their life together.”

Police and prosecutors said the investigation into Vanessa’s murder remained active, according to the Revere Journal. Andrew is set to appear in court Oct. 27.