My Cousin Rachel
Rachel Weisz stars as Rachel, a charming woman who may or may not have committed murder and uses a concoction of tea that is hallucinogenic in nature in “My Cousin Rachel.” Fox Searchlight

It’s been a while since we saw Rachel Weisz on the big screen but that’s about to change. “The Mummy” actress will be seen in a new movie called “My Cousin Rachel” in 2017.

Based on a 1951 novel by the same written by Daphne du Maurier, “My Cousin Rachel” stars Weisz as Rachel, Sam Claflin as her cousin Philip, Iain Glen as Ambrose and Holliday Grainger as Louise.

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Here are three things to know about the movie:

1. What’s In The Tea?

The American-British film is a gothic tale of revenge that perfectly blends mystery and a man’s obsession in a captivating tale. Philip plots to seek revenge against his cousin, Rachel, who he believes has killed his guardian. In a letter written by his guardian, she describes how Rachel is untrustworthy and watches her like a hawk. For weeks his guardian has been suffering from fevers and headaches.

It isn’t long before Philip meets Rachel, a charming woman who loves to offer a cup of freshly brewed tea, or rather, poison. Drinking the tea makes the consumer hallucinate. Soon, Philip finds himself suffering from the same fevers and headaches that his guardian was tormented with.

Unfortunately, not only is his health deteriorating but he’s also falling in love with her. She soon becomes an obsession and although a romance between two cousins is frowned upon, they do have an affair. Equally shocking is the fact that her offers her a marriage proposal

Did Rachel really kill Philip’s guardian? Is she going to kill him too? And more importantly, what is in that tea?

2. The Book Was Made Into A Movie Before

The book “My Cousin Rachel” was first made into a film in 1952. It starred Olivia de Havilland as Rachel and Richard Burton as Philip.

3. It Releases On June 9

Catch Weisz’s latest film in three months.