• Shigaraki will rise in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 272
  • X-Less in danger as Shigaraki awakens
  • Deku and other heroes will fight Shigaraki and Gigantomachia

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 272 is set to release Sunday (May 24). Based on a new set of scans, X-Less is in trouble, and Shigaraki awakens.

This article contains spoilers for “My Hero Academia” manga chapters.

After Pro Heroes repeated attempt to stop Shigaraki from waking up, he is ready to return. One of the scans shows Shigaraki sitting up while X-Less looks at him. Clearly, the look on the face of X-Less explains it all. It is rumored that Shigaraki will take down X-Less.

Another “My Hero Academia” Chapter 272 scan shows the expressions of Deku and Kyuda Garaki.

The faithful servant of Shigaraki, Garaki, looks excited about the revival of his master.

Meanwhile, a “My Hero Academia” Chapter 272 panel shows Deku fighting someone amid massive blasts. It remains to be seen if he is battling against Shigaraki or Gigantomachia.

In the previous chapter, Tsukuyomi attempts to rescue his teacher Hawks.

Despite repeated warnings, Tsukuyomi flies to the terrace to save Hawks, who is badly injured.

Dabi wants to kill Hawks, and Tsukuyomi is his only hope.

Tsukuyomi manages to locate Hawks, who has injured his back after Dabi’s attacks. Dabi asks him if the Pro Heroes have started sending the U.A. kids to deal with their mess.

Dabi tells him that Hawks killed an innocent man, and he is not the hero he admires.

Tsukuyomi is in no mood to listen to anything against his teacher and tells Dabi to back off.

Meanwhile, Tsukuyomi knows that he needs to take Hawks to a safer location and get him some first aid.

Hawks know that Dabi is talking a lot as he is buying time until he can regain his flames and attack them.

Hawks tells Tsukuyomi to move to a safe place as Dark Shadow goes after Dabi.

Tsukuyami and Hawks crash land the latter check on Hawks. He is alive. Meanwhile, Dabi follows them and readies for his final attack.

Before he can fire, Geten creates ice, and Tsukuyomi manages to escape with Hawks. Towards the end of the chapter, Giran tells that Gigantomachia is moving as the monster can sense his master’s smell.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 272 will be available on Manga Plus website, Viz, and the official website of Shonen Jump.

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