• Deku and Shigaraki engage in a fierce battle
  • Deku uses his "Float Quirk" against Shigaraki
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 284 is set to release Friday

Deku is done with Tomura Shigaraki's atrocities as the hero unleashes the "Seventh User's Quirk". As "My Hero Academia" Chapter 284 is nearing its release date, spoilers are out teasing Deku's intense fight with Shigaraki.

"My Hero Academia" returns with a new chapter after taking a one-week break. In Chapter 284, titled "Ultramarine Battle," Deku uses the "Float Quirk" to rescue fellow heroes, Block Toro reported.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 284 also showcases a flashback sequence featuring Deku, Tsuyu, Bakugo, Sero and Uraraka. One of the panels shows Deku practicing the "Float Quirk".

Bakugo fears they won't be able to hide One For All for long. Shigaraki tells Deku he will steal One For All and kill the heroes.

In the last chapter, the students of U.A. watch in horror Gigantomachia's destruction. The giant villain is finally getting closer to his lord, Shigaraki. Cellophane asks if the heroes are dead. Creati reveals they survived because the League of Villains didn't consider them worthy enemies.

In Jaku City, the forces arrest Kyudai Garaki. He announces the heroes nearly had them if not for that one slipup. Shigaraki's awakening turned everything on its head. He adds Gigantomachia is a calamity and his sole purpose is to live and die for his lord's sake. The foot soldiers, named High-end Nomu, were created after Gigantomachia. Garaki tells them the Nomu were made to fight alongside the king.

He warns Gigantomachia is on a path of destruction and when he reunites with Shigaraki, they will be unstoppable.

Garaki declares Shigaraki will crumble the society ruled by the heroes. At the battlefield, Shoto arrives and tells Endeavor he was assisting Ryuku and the others.

In the meantime, Shigaraki rises and announces the time has come for the heroes to die and his chest bursts open and blood gushes out. The villain is confused to see his chest ripping apart. It is revealed that Mirko damaged his capsule when it was at 75% and now his body cannot contain the overwhelming powers.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 284 is scheduled to release Friday. The chapter will be available online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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