• Dabi and Shoto are set to fight
  • Best Jeanist confronts Dabi and other villains
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 292 is releasing Sunday

Best Jeanist, who Dabi revealed was dead, is making a comeback. The new chapter is nearing its release date and the spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 292 are out.

The chapter which is reportedly titled "A Ray of Hopes," begins with Best Jeanist watching Dabi’s live stream. Best Jeanist expresses his displeasure over Dabi bringing his family problems and making it into an issue and blaming the entire Hero Society.

He vows that he will not let Dabi manipulate people into believing his twisted stories. Another panel in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 292 shows Best Jeanist tying Gigantomachia with his fiber.

Later, in the chapter, Dabi is shocked to see Blue Jeanist alive. Blue Jeanist calls Dabi too greedy and says that's what has made him careless. However, Dabi reveals that the truth about Todoroki family is now public and they cannot do anything about it.

Apart from Gigantomachia, Blue Jeanist also tied Shigaraki and Spinner. Meanwhile, Spinner notes that Gigantomachia seems to have become weaker as he is still waiting for Shigaraki’s instructions.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 292 shows Nejire going for Shigaraki and Spinner. However, Shigaraki is awake and fires a big flame at Nejire. Shoto panics as he witnesses Nejire getting fried.

Shigaraki uses his forced Quirk activation that produces the flames. Deku, who is witnessing the carnage, tries to move but his body fails to respond.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 292, other heroes are battling other Nomus. Burnin notes that four Nomus are advancing toward Shigaraki’s location and she tries her best to stop them.

The chapter also showcases Shoto confronting Dabi. The villain tells Shoto that he doesn’t feel anything for him. Later, Dabi attacks Shoto using flames. Toward the end of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 292, Lemillion or Mirio is shown popping from the ground. Mirio is likely going to help Best Jeanist in the battle.

Twitter user Atsushi shared the complete summary of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 292.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 292 is scheduled to release Sunday. Fans can read the chapter online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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