• Deku rescues Yo Shindo in the new chapter
  • Muscular wants Deku to go all out 
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 308 is set to release Sunday

Deku arrives to save Yo Shindo from Muscular's brutal attacks. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 308 will focus on Deku and Muscular's battle. The new chapter is reportedly titled "All Out."

Twitter user Atsu shared the spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 308, which will begin from where the last chapter ended. Muscular remembers Deku and he has been wanting to meet him for a long time.

Muscular explains he is tired of fighting weak heroes and is not seeking revenge. He just wants to go berserk and use his quirk to destroy everything.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 308, Muscular charges at Deku who is on the rooftop of a building. However, Muscular misjudges the leap and ends up crashing into the building. He asks Deku to go all out in the battle.

Deku brings Shindo to Tatami and asks her to treat his wounds. He feels sorry for not arriving on time to save the heroes. However, he declares he will make sure to neutralize the threat and reduce the damage. Tatami cannot see Deku due to the smoke but is able to recognize his voice.

Deku realizes he used too much smokescreen. In the chapter, it is revealed that Deku's quirks are extremely strong and difficult to control because of One For All and Deku needs to calm his senses.

Due to One For All, his quirks can become finishing moves. Now, Deku must visualize using the quirks as tools to halt his enemies.

Deku reveals he is using a wide variety of quirks from different One For All users against Muscular. During the battle, Deku asks Muscular about Shigaraki and All For One's location. Muscular tells him he has no idea about their current location and that they have told him to do whatever he wants to.

Muscular taunts Deku for using cheap tricks and reminds him to go all out. He even calls Deku a boring person. Later, Muscular's muscles start to tear up due to his previous encounter with Shindo, who used the vibration quirk to beat his opponent.

Toward the end of the chapter, Muscular notes Deku is a cunning hero, but the latter announces that he is just going all out against him.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 308 is slated to release Sunday. Fans can read the chapter online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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