• Lady Nagant has a mission to complete
  • Midoriya enters Lady Nagant's zone
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 313 is coming out this Sunday

All For One and Lady Nagant enter a contract to deliver a death blow to the heroes. The fight between Izuku Midoriya and Lady Nagant will likely continue in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 313.

During All For One's raid at Tartarus, he encounters Lady Nagant and he wants her to fulfill a specific request. He predicts in the future, a student from the U.A. Academy will leave his classmates and go solo.

All For One wants Lady Nagant to capture him. However, she wonders why she should join forces with him. All For One knows she wants the Hero Society to go down but her dream will never be realized until they capture Midoriya.

In the last chapter, Midoriya remembers Hawks telling him about a certain villain who is fresh out of the high-security prison. Hawks recalls she (Lady Nagant) is his former co-worker and hunting her down is his top priority.

However, he warns Midoriya that if Lady Nagant comes for him, he should leave everything and run. It turns out that the villain was a former hero employed by the safety commission.

The next panel shows Lady Nagant shooting at Midoriya who manages to dodge the bullet and instantly recognizes the threat.

Midoriya knows he needs to retreat like he was told by Hawks. But before he can make a move, a curving bullet hits him hard. He notes if it wasn't for the Fourth's Quirk backing him up, he would have been dead.

Fortunately, Midoriya is able to figure out the sniper's location. She is one kilometer ahead of him and her range is three kilometers. He cannot dodge her shots and escape the range.

With only one option left, Midoriya decides to take the fight to Lady Nagant. Meanwhile, the lady sniper is impressed by Midoriya's abilities.

Can Midoriya stop Lady Nagant before it is too late?

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 313 is scheduled to release Sunday. The chapter will be available online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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