• Bakugou successfully beats All For One's mercenary – Dictator
  • Deku wants his friends to leave him alone
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 319 is releasing this Sunday 

Deku's friends from Class A are worried about his wellbeing after he went solo against the League of Villains. The latest leaks and spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 319 are out, hinting at Class A's attempt to reunite with Deku.

Twitter user Atsushi has shared the complete summary of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 319. The chapter opens with a flashback after Deku left the U.A. Academy.

Bakugou, Shoto and Tokoyami are looking for Deku and they are guessing he is with Endeavor and other pro heroes. They tried calling the pro heroes but Hawks, Best Jeanist and Endeavor did not take their calls.

Shoto says they might be busy but he feels they can be hiding something. Jirou reveals that All Might has not yet returned to the academy.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 319, Ojiro states the classes are suspended and the hero course is on standby. The students are asked to patrol the areas around the academy.

Bakugou mentions he knows more about Deku and All Might than Endeavor. He fears All Might and Deku may eventually land themselves in trouble.

Later, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 319, Shoto and the other students finally meet Endeavor. Shoto reminds his father about stopping Toya. Endeavor tells him he remembers everything and in fact, their last conversation is what is driving him forward.

Class A's students want to help their friend Deku and bring a smile to his face. Meanwhile, Endeavor asks Nezu about the refugees. Nezu reveals the academy is allowing them to stay, but it is still not a designated area for the refugees.

As the chapter progresses, the students reach Kamino and Yaomomo announces that Dictator was successfully defeated by Bakugou. He is annoyed and reminds Yaomomo of his hero name, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight.

Deku is confused and asks them why they are here. Uraraka tells him they are worried about him and want to help. Deku assures them he is doing fine and that they should leave.

Bakugou, sarcastically, remarks that he expected it from the One For All user. He asks Deku if he is ready to smile. Deku notes he can only smile when he knows everyone is okay and for that, he needs to stay away from his classmates.

Fans can read "My Hero Academia" Chapter 319 online on Viz and Manga Plus. The chapter will be available this Sunday.

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