• Deku is facing another mercenary of All For One
  • Bakugou arrives to fight alongside Deku
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 319 is postponed to July 11 

Deku is in trouble as the civilians, who are under Dictator's control, attack him. However, Bakugou's arrival changes things for Deku and his fight against this new villain in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 319.

The new chapter of the manga is delayed as it remains on a one-week hiatus. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 319 is now scheduled to release on July 11.

Apart from the manga, the anime is also on a break. "My Hero Academia" Season 5, Episode 15 (Episode 103) is scheduled to broadcast on July 10.

Deku is up against another mercenary of All For One, named Dictator, who can control anyone using his Quirk – Despot. Dictator has control over the civilians who are attacking Deku.

Moreover, he is also using the civilians as shields to protect him against any counterattack from Deku. The only way to break the Quirk is a strong blow to his victims or by knocking Dictator out.

Unfortunately, Deku is too weak to use Black Whip and without his gloves, he cannot execute the Air Force attack.

Just when things look extremely bleak for the hero, Bakugou appears and hits Dictator from the top using the Armor Piercing Shot. Bakugou also informs others that he knows Deku's location.

So far, Deku is executing his missions alone. He fears if he is around his friends, Shigaraki, All For One and the League of Villains will kill them.

In the opening panel of the previous chapter, Endeavor is shown trying hard to convince Deku to slow down and wait for reinforcement in the form of foreign heroes.

Endeavor tells Deku he doesn't need to fight the battle alone. Deku refuses to listen and moves ahead with his plan to locate All For One and the other villains.

The past users of One For All remind Deku, who is the ninth user, to take it easy because his wounds are fresh.

In the Vestige, Nana states her feelings are nothing but a burden on Deku. But Daigoro feels Deku views every cause as a worthy one. The past users agree that Deku wants to fulfill his ultimate goal of becoming a true superhero.

Deku continues to fight the villains roaming the streets and terrorizing citizens. He desperately wants to confront All For One and put a stop to the League of Villains.

"My Hero Academia" chapters release on Sundays on Viz and Manga Plus.

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