• Deku continues to run away from his friends
  • Class A's students team up to bring back Deku to U.A. Academy
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 320 is set to hit the stands Sunday

Class A's students have finally managed to locate their friend, Deku. Amid the chaos, Bakugou and the others from Class A want to take him back home in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 320, which is reportedly titled "Deku Vs Class A."

Twitter user Atsushi has shared the summary and leaks of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 320. The chapter starts with Iida thinking about how stubborn Deku is.

Bakugou tells Deku they know about his new Quirks from the fourth, fifth and sixth users of One For All. Deku thanks his friends for coming but he activates his Smokescreen Quirk and runs away.

Bakugou counters it with his new attack called Shockwave Landmine and clears the smoke. He feels Deku considers his classmates secondary because he has gotten stronger.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 320, Kouda tells Deku that Nezu wants him to come back to U.A. but Deku uses his Black Whip to get away from the students. Sero uses his tape to stop him. He tells Deku he remembers Black Whip from their training days.

Elsewhere, Jirou arrives and uses her Heartbeat Wall attack against Deku. Jirou thanks Deku for his advice during the Culture Festival.

As "My Hero Academia" Chapter 320 progresses, other students from Class A continue their attempt to stop Deku from running away. However, Deku is incredibly strong.

Deku tells his friends how everyone is in danger around him. He feels Shigaraki and the League of Villains will target the people he loves.

Tokoyami grabs Deku and pulls him into a building. Meanwhile, Satou reminds Deku about Eri. Deku tells himself that Eri would be fine if he is not around.

Momo brings out a machine that would make Deku sleep, but he manages to destroy it. The students of Class A are desperately trying to convince Deku to head back. They want him to rest and join forces with other heroes before facing Shigaraki, All For One and the other League of Villains.

Fans can read "My Hero Academia" Chapter 320 online on Manga Plus and Viz. The chapter is releasing this Sunday.

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