• Aizawa is ready to fight back 
  • The chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 326 is scheduled to release Sunday

Aizawa calls the U.A. the heroes' fortress and he is ready to fight the villains. With Deku getting acceptance from civilians, the heroes can now focus on dealing with Shigaraki and the other villains. The leaks, spoilers, and raws scans of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 326 are expected to arrive this Thursday.

In the last panel of the previous chapter, Aizawa was determined to bounce back. The heroes appear cornered and the country is overrun with villains, but with civilians and heroes uniting, there is still hope for the society.

In Chapter 325 of "My Hero Academia," Kota rushed toward Deku who was overwhelmed after Uraraka's speech. Even Mineta tried to run toward him but Iida stopped him.

Kota, who was weeping, apologized because he was too scared. However, after the giant lady motivated Kota, he was ready to be by Deku's side.

Meanwhile, Deku too was crying and the giant lady comforted him. She recalled how several shelters turned her away because they didn't allow heteromorphs.

She was tired of the rejections before U.A. took her in and she told Deku she was lucky to see him again. The lady thanked Deku for saving her life. But Deku wasn't able to hold back his tears.

Elsewhere, an old man started reasoning with the crowd. He asked the citizens to take a moment and listen to what the heroes want to say.

He stated Deku was anyway not going to stay at U.A. for long, so they should let him take a break at the facility before the world starts pinning him down again.

A citizen questioned why was Deku not taken in by Shiketsu that had a similar setup as U.A.

The old man said the pressure on heroes was immense with failure after failure. He continued that several heroes even decided to hang up their capes. He asked his fellow citizens if they reject the ones still fighting the villains, there will be nothing left.

Clearly, it was time for the civilians to not stand on the sidelines but work tirelessly with the heroes for a better future.

Later in the chapter, Nezu talked to Aizawa and informed him how Class A managed to bring in Deku.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 326 is scheduled for release Sunday. Fans can read the recently released chapter online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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