• New spoilers hint at Deku’s fate
  • Endeavor and Hawks talk about Deku
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 325 is releasing Sunday

Ochako Uraraka’s heart-warming speech seems to have worked in favor of Deku as people around him start introspecting. The leaks, spoilers and raw scans of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 325, which is reportedly titled "Connected By One For All," are out.

Twitter user AtsushiX101 has shared the latest leaks for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 325, where Kouta rushes toward Deku and apologizes for being paralyzed with fear.

He tells Deku how the giant woman inspired him. Meanwhile, the giant woman reveals several shelters rejected her because of the Quirk she possesses. She tells Deku she is lucky to have met him and calls him Mr. Crybaby Hero.

Elsewhere, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 325, Endeavor is shown blaming himself for making Deku wander without any progress.

However, Hawks mentions Deku has grown and the progress is visible, adding the One For All is a Quirk that helps connecting people.

Deku’s One For All connected All Might to Deku, following which he got in touch with Class A. Now, Uraraka is able to connect the civilians to Deku.

The chapter also shows Nezu and Aizawa’s conversation. Nezu tells him that his class did a great job getting Deku back and convincing the revolting citizens. Aizawa asks Nezu to tell Iida that he was amazing during the entire operation.

Nezu asks Aizawa about his leg. Aizawa reveals he is still getting used to it and a panel shows his prosthetic leg.

In the last chapter, Uraraka addressed the citizens who were protesting against Deku’s arrival at U.A. Uraraka wanted the civilians to give Deku some space and welcome him.

She wanted them to accept Deku as their neighbor inside the facility. Moreover, she revealed how Deku was the one who fought alone against Shigaraki and All For One’s dangerous villains.

Uraraka noted Deku was adamant about fighting the battle alone because he never wanted to be a burden on others.

She asked the civilians to lend Deku their strength so they all have a chance to smile together in the future.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 325 is scheduled for release Sunday. The chapter will be available online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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