• Shigaraki confronts Star and Stripe
  • All For One is likely to take complete control over Shigaraki’s body
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 330 is releasing Sunday

Star And Stripe is about to enter the Japanese airspace, but a villain named Tomura Shigaraki appears and confronts the hero from the west.

Discord user Rukasu has shared the latest leaks and spoilers of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 330. The chapter starts with one of the pilots of the jets informing Star about the identity of the villain.

He tells her the villain is Shigaraki and not All For One and he can use shockwave attacks. The pilot asks if Star wants to attack or retreat. Star tells her convoy to get ready to smash the enemy.

The jets get into a formation and prepare to attack. Elsewhere, Shigaraki attacks the jets using a combination of radio waves, ‘Encumbrance’ and ‘Push’ but the jets manage to dodge.

Star is ready to counter and reveals the space 100 meters away from her ceases to exist. A giant transparent star appears around Shigaraki and he is struggling to breathe while his eyes start to bleed.

This is Star’s Quirk called New Order. When she touches something and calls its name, she can command a new rule over it.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 330, Shigaraki is shocked as the jets fire lasers at him. The pilots are confident about beating Shigaraki but Star tells them not to put their guards down.

Shigaraki launches a combo attack of Reflect and Diffuse and deflects the laser. Moreover, he sends the laser back at the jets and Star.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 330 also briefly throws light on Star’s origin story. She remembers how a Japanese exchange student saved her when she was a little girl.

She recalled how a robber attacked her family and All Might appeared and saved them. That day, she made All Might her spiritual master and vowed to contribute toward peacekeeping.

Meanwhile, All For One has almost complete control over Shigaraki’s body and toward the end of the chapter, fans will get to see Shigaraki in a new form.

Chapter 330 is releasing Sunday. However, the manga is likely going on a hiatus after the upcoming release and "My Hero Academia" Chapter 331 is reportedly delayed.

Fans can read the manga online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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