• Shigaraki and Star’s battle to continue in the upcoming chapter
  • No new "My Hero Academia" chapter releasing Sunday
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 331 is postponed to Oct. 31

All For One rejoices as he and Tomura Shigaraki are set to combine and showcase a new deadly form. Meanwhile, Star and Stripe and her convoy are still fighting the villain.

The battle is far from over despite Star causing major damage to the opponent. Shigaraki is able to use the darkness and hatred inside of him to fasten the process of healing and becoming a part of All For One.

The new chapter is likely to focus on the next phase of the fight featuring Star and Shigaraki. Meanwhile, "My Hero Academia" manga will be on a one-week hiatus and Chapter 331 is delayed.

Manga Plus has confirmed the delay and "My Hero Academia" Chapter 331 is now slated to release on Oct. 31.

In the previous chapter, as soon as Star and her convoy of jets encountered Shigaraki, they were ready to face the villain.

Star ordered the jets to get into battle formation and prepare to engage. In the midst of this high-tension situation, Shigaraki was going through some sort of identity crisis.

He noted he was in a strange state as he shuffled between being All For One and Shigaraki. He attacked Star and the others using radio waves and an air cannon.

Star managed to evade the attack and after a verbal duel, she unleashed her Quirk named New Order. As soon as she activated the Quirk, the air ceased to exist 100 meters ahead of her.

Her Quirk allowed her to call out the target’s name after touching it and assign a new rule to it. Shigaraki was seen gasping for breath and he acknowledged the brutality of Star’s Quirk.

Shigaraki was willing to steal this Quirk from Star and use it against the heroes in the future. With Shigaraki getting cornered, Star commanded her jets to use laser cannons against him.

The pilots of the jets were delighted after hitting Shigaraki but Star asked them to remain cautious. Shigaraki was able to heal himself and he wondered if the New Order had a weakness.

Star went after Shigaraki and close combat ensued. Meanwhile, Star was remembering an incident that changed her life forever. He recalled the day All Might saved her family from getting killed. That day, she vowed to become a hero and fight for peace.

"My Hero Academia" manga chapters are available online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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