• All Might wants Deku and the others to be patient
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 335 is coming out this Sunday
  • The chapter will release online on Viz and Manga Plus

The heroes are getting desperate to fight back against the villains in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 335. However, All Might wants them to train even harder before the fight begins.

A Discord user named Rukasu has shared the spoilers of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 335. The chapter starts with All Might revealing that the analysis by the jets has confirmed the New Order Quirk turned into poison inside Shigaraki’s body. Moreover, the poison has destroyed several Quirks.

The students of the U.A. think it is a great opportunity to win because the civilians have been evacuated and all the heroes can fight back.

All Might tells them it will be difficult to ascertain All For One’s next move and it is likely they won’t be able to avoid a large-scale standoff.

He then goes on to name the enemies – All For One, Shigaraki, Toga, Dabi, six Near-High End Nomus, the rest of the members of Paranormal Liberation Front, and the prison breakers who escaped Tartarus.

Meanwhile, the heroes have lost half of their side and the students have no choice but to train harder before the confrontation. Deku asks if his friends will help him unleash the complete potential of One For All, but Bakugou ends up yelling at him.

Bakugou is excited to test his new strength named Cluster and he wants to warm up against Deku. The students start talking about their techniques and how they plan to train before taking on Shigaraki and the other villains.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 335, at the villains’ hideout, Shigaraki is shown screaming in agony. All For One asks him to calm down and explains they need to wait for him to stabilize.

Meanwhile, Shigaraki states he despises Star and Stripes and wants all of this to end. All For One wants to wait a little longer before going on the offensive. Dabi is also getting impatient.

Toward the end of the chapter, a shot shows a silhouette of Toru Hagakure near U.A.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 335 is releasing this Sunday. Fans can read the chapter online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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