• The students are getting ready for the battle
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 338 is coming out Sunday
  • The chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz

The interrogation of the Aoyamas continues in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 338 as Tsukauchi and the others grill them to extract any intel concerning All For One.

A Discord user named Rukasu has shared the leaks and spoilers of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 338. The chapter starts with Tsukauchi asking Sansa to shut Aoyama’s mouth. He tells Deku they cannot ignore the crimes Aoyama committed under All For One’s guidance.

He adds they can assume he won’t explode, but they need to take him to the Central Hospital to be absolutely sure. Meanwhile, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 338, Tsukauchi asks his parents why they didn’t intimate All For One about the Kamino raid. They tell him the communication was only one way.

Since All For One didn’t get in touch with them at that time, there was no way they could warn him. Meanwhile, Mineta and Kaminari Momo figure only Aoyama can lead them to the villain.

However, Present Mic thinks they should not trust Aoyama blindly because he can backstab them. Iida states the mistakes made by him are things of the past and they should move beyond that. All Iida wants is to hold Aoyama’s hand who is crying out loud.

Meanwhile, Bakugou wants to fire at least 5 Howitzer Impacts in Aoyama’s face for the kidnapping. Sero wants him to stop because it is hard to tell if he is kidding or serious about it.

Kirishima notes that Aoyama was asking his parents to stop, so it is likely he doesn’t wish to follow any more orders from All For One. Meanwhile, Aizawa asks Deku if he has a concrete plan in place to deal with the Aoyama situation.

Aizawa tells Aoyama that he doesn’t want to expel him from U.A. Eraser asks Tsukauchi to cover the three Aoyama’s ears because he wants to share an idea with the rest of the class.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 338 shows the students talking in the dorm about getting ready.

Toward the end of the chapter, Deku states before the fight begins, he needs to equip himself. He heads the development studio and suddenly the door explodes and Hatsume falls on Deku.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 338 is releasing Sunday. Fans can read the chapter online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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