• "My Hero Academia" Chapter 352 is coming out Sunday
  • The chapter is releasing online on Manga Plus and Viz's Shonen Jump
  • The manga is based on Kohei Horikoshi's original story

If Flashfire Fist: Phosphor isn't enough to take down Dabi, the latest leaks and spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 352 teases Shoto's brand new technique.

Discord user Rukasu has shared the spoilers of the upcoming chapter. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 352 opens with a flashback sequence of the students in the school dormitory the night before the war began.

Deku is wondering if Shoto will battle against his own brother Dabi. Shoto confirms he will as it is his duty. Moreover, he thinks Dabi is the reflection of his family's sins. He then goes on to show his special technique.

He explains it has the properties of Flashfire Fist and applies to both his cold and hot side. Deku compares his technique to cold fire.

The chapter shifts back to the present. Shoto is using an attack he calls Freezing Blow: White Blade of Frosty Fire. He thinks this will cool Dabi's head a little.

Due to the attack, Dabi is pushed back but he immediately counters with pillars of flame and tries to balance himself up. He notes Shoto's body is powerful enough to take on his Flashfire Fist and it produces ice cold to overpower the flames.

This doesn't stop Dabi from continuing to direct the flames at his opponent. Meanwhile, Shoto seems to be losing focus and notes he needs time to prepare for another attack.

However, huge flames start to emerge from the ground and engulf everything. Later, the flames start to bend because of the efforts of the three sidekicks.

A panel shows a sequence inside Shoto's head. He thinks he is all alone but that isn't the case anymore as he has his allies by his side. Shoto concentrates his energy and recalls Mt. Lady's words during the training session.

He moves toward his enemy and stops right next to Dabi. The final pages introduce Shoto's new technique, called the Great Frozen Tidal Bore, and it is powerful enough to freeze the trees and buildings around him.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 352 will release coming Sunday. The chapter will be available on Viz's Shonen Jump and Manga Plus. The manga is based on the original work by Kohei Horikoshi.

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