• "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 184 is releasing Sunday
  • The chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz’s Shonen Jump
  • The manga is based on Gege Akutami’s original story

The Culling Game is on and after Charles Bernard and Kinji Hakari’s bizarre battle in the gambling domain, it is time for another fight in "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 184.

The new chapter is titled "Tokyo No. 2 Colony, Part 3."

A Twitter user named Ducky has shared the spoilers for "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 184. The chapter opens with Panda sitting on a metal container and stating he is not a panda but a teddy bear for once.

He notes a strong stench of blood indicating at least three dead bodies around. He states his job is to look for Angel and negotiate with her.

All the fighting is Hakari’s responsibility but Panda too is forced to battle because of the random entry method into the Culling Game’s barrier.

Panda tries to run away on all fours and Hajime Kashimo notes it is difficult to walk on hind legs. Kashimo calls for Kogane and asks if this is a player. Kogane confirms that Panda is a player.

Meanwhile, Panda is shocked that Kashimo is using Kogane to identify fighters. Before he can do anything, Kashimo moves in with a powerful punch. The ferocious nature of the punch is similar to Fushiguro’s Nue.

"Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 184 reveals Kashimo’s Cursed Energy has electrical properties. Panda decides to transform into gorilla mode and launches Drumming Beat against the opponent.

The battle ensues between the two and Kashimo ends up ripping off one of Panda’s arms.

“For some strange reason, Yuji Itadori, despite his insane athleticism would rather just hang out with the Occult Club. However, he soon finds out that the occult is as real as it gets when his fellow club members are attacked! Meanwhile, the mysterious Megumi Fushiguro is tracking down a special-grade cursed object, and his search leads him to Itadori...,” read the official synopsis of the series, as per Manga Plus.

"Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 184 is coming out Sunday. Fans can read the chapter online for free on Viz’s Shonen Jump and Manga Plus.

The manga is based on original characters and story created by Gege Akutami.

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