Brad Pitt has a new tattoo and what makes it interesting is the fact that it’s right next to the ink which is a match with Angelina Jolie’s; hence, the speculation that it could be a tribute to his ex-wife. Is it really?

Pitt was caught on cam arriving in Italy, on Tuesday, for the Venice International Film Festival. As casual as his outfit was, many saw his new tattoo on his inner biceps right next to a quote from Rumi’s poem. The 55-year-old actor got the Rumi poem-inspired tattoo —a match with Jolie’s— as a tribute to their wedding in 2014.

Inked right next to the quote, which stated the existence of a field and beyond all notions of right and wrong, he [she] would meet her [him] there, was a silhouette of a man standing over his own shadow.

Questions among fans rose as to what could be the meaning of Pitt’s new tattoo and amongst the other places in his body where he could’ve had that tattoo, why there? Was it strategically place there as a reminder of the unfortunate split of the former power couple?

The reason or the inspiration behind Pitt’s new tattoo may remain imprecise to public and its revelation may not come anytime soon. However, one possible inspiration that surfaced was his movie, “Meet Joe Black.” Jolie’s ex played a character in the movie that personified death, BuzzFeed reported

The circumstance presented that Pitt and Jolie’s relationship is over and the new tattoo was just right next to their matching ones; hence, the speculation that it was a tribute their split.

There was also another report of fans speculating that it could be an ode to his another film, “Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” according to People.

One of Pitt’s existing tattoos reportedly has the initials of his ex-wife and children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Knox and Vivienne. With that said, many think that the figure and how it’s position might have something to do with Jolie and their relationship.

Some people get tattooed because it’s a body art, fashionable, cool and trendy while others get inked as a way to express their emotions. Other reasons may include rebellion, cultural and spiritual traditions, addiction, sexual motivation, impulsiveness of identification with a group, HuffPost reported.

Whatever the case may be and whatever Pitt’s reason was (why that specific tattoo and its location), fans will see more of it and the meaning behind the man-over-the-shadow tattoo will remain a mystery until he decides to reveal it.