• Electronic Arts announced Wednesday that they are pulling out all of their "Tetris" games by April 21
  • The Tetris Co. and N3twork teamed up and created a new bare-bones "Tetris" game
  • The new game will feature only one mode and one control option

Well, that was quick.

A day after Electronic Arts announced the sad news that they're pulling out their “Tetris” games from Android and iOS stores, The Tetris Co. ressurected that cult classic puzzle game through N3twork's “Tetris.”

As reported by Polygon, N3twork's take on “Tetris” is very much different from that of Electronic Arts. The website described the new version as “bare-bones:” it has only one game mode – solo – as compared to three from “Tetris 2011.”

A visitor plays the 1984 video game Tetris during an exhibition preview featuring 14 video games acquired by The Museum of Modern Art in New York, March 1, 2013. Getty Images/AFP/EMMANUEL DUNAND

In the same light, EA's “Tetris 2011” offered two control options, whereas N3twork only has one. Polygon also quoted a news released that described the lone control as “intuitive,” complete with haptic and it's built specially for mobile devices across the board.

Old-school players can also choose one of five themes offered by N3twork alongside 50 avatars. Local high score tables are also there to keep things a bit on the competitive side, said Engadget.

Despite its simplicity, N3twork founder and head honcho Neil Young said that their own version of “Tetris” still has “so much in store” for fans of the game, and what they're offering now is the “foundation” of good things to come.

N3twork also announced last year that they were working with The Tetris Co. in developing “Tetris Royale,” a battle-royale-esque “Tetris” game for mobile that pits 100 players to outclass each other and be the last man to clear the blocks.