Nail Polish
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed a bill of rights for nail salon workers May 18, 2015. Reuters

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has taken a stand against ending abusive conditions in nail salons throughout the state, and he shared a clear outline of those workers' rights in a Twitter post Wednesday. The governor also plans to shut down any business that violates the bill, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

"Today New York State is sending the message loud and clear: We will not tolerate abusive or unsafe working conditions -- period," Cuomo said Monday. One of the new regulations requires workers to be supplied with protective gear like masks, respirators, gloves and eye protection. Owners have until June 15 to acquire the proper equipment.

Another part of the bill of rights covers wages. Nail salon workers who are tipped must make at least $6.60/hour for the first 40 hours per week and $10.98/hour for hours beyond 40. Employees who are not tipped -- which is unusual in New York -- must make at least $7.45/hour during the first 40 hours per week and $11.83/hour after 40 hours per week.

The main goal of the Nail Salon Bill of Rights is to show that New York workers will not be abused. "Our point is simple: Exploitation has no place in the state of New York," Governor Cuomo said. "The rights of nail salon employees must be respected, and we are launching an aggressive crackdown on the industry to make sure that happens. With new legislation and emergency regulations, a public outreach campaign in multiple languages, and a thorough investigation of the chemicals that are used, we are standing up for those who have been unable to stand up for themselves.”

The Korean American Nail Salon Association represents over 3,000 salons in New York and promised to abide by the new code of conduct, the Daily News added. There are 3,385 nail salons in New York, which is four times the amount of McDonald's, CNBC wrote. .

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