A Colorado man was arrested and charged with indecent exposure on Tuesday for standing naked in the middle of the street and holding up traffic during rush hour.

The suspect, 30-year-old Brandon Tidrow, of Aspen, Colorado, confessed to removing his clothing while visiting Roaring Fork River at Herron Park, a police report said. The park was full of children and adults and some people reportedly left the area during the incident.

Police arrived on the scene after emergency dispatchers first received a call at 5:07 p.m. about Tidrow walking around naked in the park. A second caller later reported a naked man walking down the street. Three officers reportedly approached Tidow who was soaking wet and singing gospel songs while impeding traffic in a busy intersection.

"Tidrow took his clothes off because he felt comfortable in his skin," Aspen Police Officer Mark Anderson wrote in the report, according to Aspen Times. "Tidrow said that he was not under the influence of drugs."

"Upon contacting Tidrow, he was very wet and had his hands held up in the air, palms toward the sky," Anderson added. "Tidrow's eyes were closed and he was singing gospel songs."

According to police, Tidrow put up a fight as officers attempted to subdue him. He carried on with his singing even while being placed in handcuffs. "Tidrow continued to sing and say prayers," stated the report. "Tidrow began to recite the 'Our Father.'"

Police eventually wrapped Tidrow in a blanket and transported him to Aspen Valley Hospital with his wet clothing they found at the park. Tidrow received treatment and a mental health evaluation before he was released from the facility.